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Clothes for the young since 1969

Gymnasium is an established Italian clothing label designing clothes for the young since 1969. Trendy clothes at accessible prices with quality assured by experience coming from having produced millions of garments over the years. Clothes to stay true to personal style in ever new and fashionable combinations.

The Logo

The first Gymnasium logo was a barbell. This was later changed to a discus thrower which has over the years been further modified into its final and current version. Changes in the logo paralleled changes in the label production that has gone from very basic leisure and sport wear to the current more wide-ranging and fashion oriented Gymnasium offer which was therefore in need of a more appropriate logo to attract a different clientele.


Maglificio Fontana – a historical label founded in Mirandola, Emilia Romagna in 1969 after the demerger of the Fontana and Pignatti brand – was a company with an over 30.000 square metres establishment, 300 clients worldwide, hundreds of employees and a sales volume of over 10 million euros. Recently, 40% of the production had been converted to a more "fashion oriented" offer, due to low cost foreign competitors producing basic clothing which induced the Fontana family to create Gymnasium, its own clothing brand for men, women and children. Following the earthquake that 20 and 29 March 2012 struck Emilia Romagna with its epicentre in the area of the Maglificio Fontana establishment, that same year Gymnasium was sold to SICEM INTRNATIONAL s.r.l. in Sesto Fiorentino, where many of the former Fontana workers are still employed keeping the identity of the brand alive.